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Game Description
Breaking the Bank is about Toni Jackman, a middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis and is desperately in need of a few extra dollars. After being fed up with his late-night job working at the Burger Bar, Toni decides to commit a series of robberies in a variety of cities - the first city being where he currently resides in - Sydney, Ohio, United States. As Toni commits bank robberies, he becomes addicted to the thrill from escaping the police and is pleasantly happy with the amount of money he earns, leading him to commit robberies one after the other to avoid going back to snaking toilets and serving ignorant customers at the Burger Bar.

"I hate this life, I need to find a way out..." - The words of Toni Jackman, a forty year old man who is experiencing a mid-life crisis. He was demoted from his job and since then has been working late-night shifts mopping the floors and snaking out toilets at the Burger Bar - Brooklyn, Ohio.

DATE: January 31, 1992 TIME: 01:26:52AM..........................

Police Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?

Bank Security Officer (Out of breath): There was a break-in at the downtown Ohio bank, two blocks away from the Burger Bar! Dammit, get me some officers, there was $20,000 dollars stolen from the safe! Oh man, am I going to get fired or what...

Police Dispatcher: Sir, we have dispatched officers and are on their way. Please remain where you are until they arrive.

TIME: 01:39:16AM.................................

Police Officer: Alright sir, we looked around the bank and the source of entry was from the east side of the building.

Sergeant (Mouth Full): Yeah, what he said. We also found a box of donuts that we'll be needing to take in for... fingerprinting...

Bank Security Officer: Hey - those are mine. How does fingerprinting even work on donuts!?

Sergeant (Mouth Full): Listen, pal, just because you're a security guard doesn't mean you can act like a cop. Now I suggest you step aside and let us do our investigation!

Police Officer: Sir, we'll need to review the security cameras, can you lead the way?

Security Guard: They're over there, let me replay the old footage for you...

Police Officer: Oh, that must be him, at the time of 01:16:21AM. That vehicle looks familiar... Hey serge, didn't we see that vehicle when we grabbed a meal at the Burger Bar?

Sergeant: I'm on it...

Sergeant (Radio call): Calling all units, be on the lookout for a man with black hair, Caucasian, roughly five foot seven, wearing a burger-bar shirt and a blue jeans.

Police Officer(2) (Radio call): Hi serge, you just passed me on maple road but didn't wave!

Sergeant (Radio call): Huh? What are you talking abou----- OH MY GOD, my cruiser! Someone stole my cruiser! All units, find my cruiser!